Carpenter & Associates, Architect is a full service, woman-owned, Architecture firm well known in the Houston area. We have a practice of Residential, Multi-Family, and Light Commercial Architectural Designs. The owner, Kathleen Carpenter, offers clients the benefit of over 30 years of experience in Architectural Design and Construction. We create quality, innovative, original, and functional designs. The firm's philosophy emphasizes listening and responding to client needs. Clients benefit from female insight as well as the regard for the home and natural environment. Attention to detail and excellent communication skills assure client success. Appreciation of aesthetics and sensitivity to a building's intended use has enabled the firm to execute complete buildings that are correct, financially successful, and appropriate to the client's needs.



Kathleen Carpenter is a native Houstonian and and a licensed architect in the state of Texas. She graduated with a Degree in Architecture from the University of Houston and has been practicing architecture in the Houston area and throughout Texas for over 30 years.


Custom Home Designs100%

Builder Spec Homes100%

Vacation, Retirement, & Beach Homes90%

Residential Remodeling100%

Townhouse Design & Amenities90%

Multi-Family Developments & Remodeling100%

Recreational Amenities & Landscape Design85%

Light Commercial Design100%


The Design of a Custom Home or a Remodeling involves hundreds of decisions in many different areas of design and construction. Each area is a specialization in itself and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to make well informed decisions. In fact, a custom home is one of the most complex designs and is more involved than many other commercial or industrial projects of a limited nature.

Architects are educated, trained, and licensed to assist you throughout the entire design and building process. An Architect protects a client’s interests and organizes the design procedure by guiding the clientele through a decision-making process. In choosing an Architect one must feel comfortable with their methods of communication and confident with their level of experience. This initial decision is a critical key to the success of your project. Continue Reading …